Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bathroom sink redo

We’ve been working hard on completing our addition.  It was once a carport, which we re-poured cement and put up walls on two sides to make the area between our house and an old carriage house into a useable space.  The main area is my piano studio.  We also added a full bathroom and laundry room.

The bathroom is generally put together, except for some tiling in the top of the shower.  For some reason, the sink kept backing up and leaking when we tried to get it going.  We went ahead and dry walled and tiled the bathroom, trying not to think about the sink area too much.  Finally, after inspecting the drainpipe, we realized that the drainpipe had opened while the cement was being poured - and voila!  Completely blocked the drain!

This last weekend, Mr. Right decided to attempt taking care of the drain pipe.  Instead of jack hammering our newly poured cement, we decided to put in a new drain through the wall, and under the house to the drain.

We decided it was easier to access the pipes by cutting along the drywall seam on the outside of the bathroom. It was in a nice flat area and we were having just tons of finger prints in this hallway area.
Mr. Right was able to get the entire sheet of drywall off as a whole piece, so we’ll be able to use it again.  The great thing is that we replaced the drywall with the shiplap that we got for free.  Let’s just say, I’m determined to shiplap every surface of our house!  
Here’s a view of the hallway that enters into our house.  I’m standing next to the door to the outside to the right.  That left side will keep the fingerprints to a minimum.

Finally - running water in the sink!  We even got a mirror and an Idaho cut out up!  So exciting!