Friday, June 7, 2013

I want to be with my kids!

I seem to be in the minority among parents, but I want to say that I love summer and being with my kids more.  Now, I know, that may seem like a weird statement to make, but I have to say after reading complaint after complaint from "friends" on my facebook page about the torture they go through because their kids are home for the summer, I'm tired of the shameful way we talk about our children!

Children are a blessing from God!  I love spending time with mine.  I chose to have my children and I chose to raise them myself.  Yes, I homeschool, so my kids are with me 24/7, day in and day out.  Does summer change how I think or treat my children?  Absolutely not!  I love my children and I love being with them.  Do they fight?  On occasion, but the wonderful phenomenon that my husband and I have witnessed, is that because they are together all day, every day, they have to learn to work out their differences!  I don't just get to send them off to school, so they are someone else's burden.

I realize this may actually incite hate mail, but honestly, what is more hateful than actually saying out loud (or on the internet) that you can't wait to get rid of your kids next school year?  It seems socially acceptable to not want to be with your kids, or to educate them, or to entertain them for the entire summer.  Why?  I frankly, don't understand.  In fact, I am taking the cowardly way out, today, by writing my opinions about this matter on my blog, instead of directly on my Facebook page, where I would receive the backlash from those I know and love.

What if every parent spent their days away from their children, looking forward to the time together with their children at the end of the day?  What if parents actually wanted to spend their summers and vacations, with their children, spending quality time together?  What if we actually put in an effort to be present with our children not only in body, but in mind, unplugged, without all the business of life?  Here's my opinion:  We would live in a much better, more loving, and definitely more respectful world.

Please keep in my, this is just my opinion, but are there others out there that think the same thing as I do?