Monday, April 16, 2012

Back Links Required!

Although at first glance, my blog may seem like I'm a new blogger, I've been doing this for awhile.  Now, I'm not really making too much money, it does bring in a little here and there, and it also gives me a creative outlet.  Because I have recently changed my name on my blog, I'm really trying to make my presence a little more known and get it out there on as many Link parties as I can.

I have discovered something that is very frustrating and feel like I don't really have a voice on it.  These blogs that have made it mandatory to have a back link in the post in order to post in their Link party!  Now, I have tried to give each and every blog I link up to a voice and shout out on my blog by listing them over in my right hand column.  In fact, this time around, I have been working hard to even list it by day I link up on.

This means that each of these blogs get FREE advertising all week long, 24/7!  Yes, it's free to them because I like to frequent their parties and link up my ideas on their blogs so they can make money off of me!  I don't know it just seems like when I am not allowed to link up because of the back link in my post, it seems like a slap in the face.

To further clarify on my point here - I actually have extremely slow Internet service.  There are no other options for Internet here are the prairie!  We seem to have landed in the backwoods, so for me to have several pages open at a time, just to link and back link is nearly impossible to get done!  I often can't even open up some of the regular blogs I like to visit, because they are too big with too many things going on!  Yet, I patiently wait for them to process on my slow Internet and really, these back link parties, take more than most to load!  To get to the end of the process to say that I am not able to link up until I meet their requirements, like I am the criminal here, is very frustrating!

I know, I could just avoid those links.  I can only think of one solution here to my problem, and still be able to link up to blogs that I really do like to visit (for the time being).  I think some of the solutions I could do are:
  1. Take them off my sidebar, so they don't get the FREE press from me.
  2. Put a back link list at the end of my posts clearly stating these are the people that don't want me to advertise for them but please check the links to the right column.
  3. Stop visiting those blogs, ever!
  4. Comment on all those blogs that I don't like it (and not be heard).
I am really torn about this, because I don't want to be negative and give off negativity on this, but it really bothers me!  I would love to hear what you think about this new phenomenon on blogger land?

To start off, be sure to visit those blogs that are easy to visit and link up to in my right column.  Here's my list of blogs I am having difficulty linking up to: