Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy Living Continues

I  have been trying to make exercise a habit in my life.  I would love to lose weight, but even more so, I want to live healthy (OK, really I want to lose that inner tube around my middle!).  But this time, I'm trying to make it a life change that I will stick with and not feel like I'm being so tortured!

I have continued to work out on my treadmill 3-4 days a week and then at least one day on the Wii. You can read about my embarrassment HERE.  It's not been all fun and games, but I am continuing on my healthy living journey.

I feel like I am getting a handle on my cardio workouts now, so this week, I decided to add in some muscle toning.  No, I won't be the next body builder, but the thing that bothers me when I'm running on the treadmill is my arms!  I own a set of 4 pound barbells, so I decided to start doing sets of arm exercises after my run.  I'm sure I could do a whole bunch of things with them, but to start, I did presses, curls, and then a backward curl (hard to explain, but supposed to tone that underarm wave!).  I did three sets of 10 each.  It actually wasn't so bad.

What about you?  Do you use barbells or some other resistant training in your weekly healthy living?  Make sure to visit the blogs over in the right column that I love to link up to.