Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy Shop!

Our Etsy Shop has been quite busy - which is an awesome thing, because we are trying to raise enough money for our 15 year old son to go to Japan on a 4-H awarded exchange trip.  In an effort to fund raise, we have listed everything in our shop to benefit his cause, so please consider supporting him.We've had two different sets of spoon plant markers go out this last week, and have another set on order right now!  It's very exciting for my 15 year old to have things sell.  He's turning into a real entrepreneur!  He wants me to check all the time to see if he has sold anything!

We started out putting up all ready made sets, but have found that people are more interested in getting specific plant names printed on the spoons.  (Either way works for us - we just want people to be happy.)

In an effort to sell some thing locally, we approached a local shop owner of a new ice cream shop in town (who is in the process of putting things up for sale in the shop).  Guess what?  She was excited to either buy our items directly or put them in on consignment.  We decided on the consignment, since we wanted more exposure of our items.  Needless to say, she sold a knife we made within the first two hours!  Yeah!  I think my son is now going to be frequenting our local ice cream shop, just to check it out!  lol

Have you ever approached a local business to feature your items?  Any advice for us as we start out?  I think that I am going to keep up the momentum, even after he leaves for Japan.  I'm having fun too!  (Ok, so I've always had this bug in me too - go figure where he got it from!)