Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do You Adventure?

Do you adventure?  I mean, do you just go out to find an adventure in your life when you have time off or do you stay home all the time?  I thought everyone checked out new things in thier area, but after talking to a few people that live in the area, we seem to be different than most.  We want to know our surroundings.  Even when we go camping at a new place, we find ourselves getting in the car and just driving around to find what we can find the first night.

Granted that we have just moved, so everything seems to be new to us.  But we are trying to get our bearings by checking out points of interest and more in the area.  Some weekends, we just get in the car and drive.  One of the things that we have been learning here, is to stop and truly enjoy our surroundings, too.  To smell the roses, so to speak.

These pictures were taken on one of our many drives in the area.  We had decided to see Hell's Canyon by driving down to Pittsburgh Landing (a whole different adventure in itself - apparently there are locals that have never gone there!) and on our way back home, got held up on the highway by cowboys!  I took a picture, because it was exciting to all of us that real cowboys were moving cattle down the highway to different pastures! 

As we sat there for a good 20 minutes, I did start to ponder all those other cars waiting with us.  Were they enjoying the view and the experience in the common, mundane task of moving cattle? Or, were they annoyed with the wait?  Did they want to take it all in, or did they just want to get past them as fast as possible?

Here's what I loved - did you notice that the cowboys were on horses?  In a day and age when they probably could just as easily used 4-wheelers to do the same job, they took the laid back, old-fashioned way of riding horse!  How exciting, to take an adventure right on the highway with our kids!  No music playing, no videos, no video games, but a moment of adventure!

What adventure will be finding this week?  What will your family learn from smelling the roses a little?

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