Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finishing Touches = Finished Album

I tend to start projects and then get side-tracked or something comes up that is more important and can't get them done.  Well, I've been really guilty of this with my albums.  I often work through scrapbooking an album about halfway through before I actually get the  coverset purchased.  In this case, I finished all the pages last year for an album about our two foreign exchange students we had last year, but found the pages didn't fit in the album.  Well, I kept meaning to order the new sleeves and coverset, but of course, there they sat in my bag....waiting.I decided to reward myself for my Creative Memories Party I had a couple of weeks ago by purchasing a coverset I really loved.  This is the Enchanted 12x12 Coverset that I fell in love with in the catalog and thought, why not?   My photo can't possibly do it justice in person.  Let me tell you - it is gorgeous! 

I used a Quick Album kit to make this album and really panicked when I had more pages than would fit into the album.  I couldn't cut any of the pictures from our wonderful times with our new friends.  Then, aha!  I realized that I could use the Side Loading Sleeves to hold the pages that I had made.  The great thing about the Quick Album is that it only took me two hours to complete the entire album.  All the pages are pre-decorated,  I just had to add the pictures and my story! 

So, it's done!  Just a few finishing touches, and I have an album done!  One of those projects that I just never got completed is finally done, and currently being enjoyed by my children!  Be sure to check out the other Quick Albums that are available HERE.  What about you?  How many of your projects are hanging out not finished?  Are you like me with many to go?  Do one today!

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