Sunday, April 8, 2012

He Is Risen and other Bird Cards

Happy Easter - He Is Risen
 I went to another Stampin' Up Card Class a few weeks ago and made four cards that were bird oriented.  It thought that today would be a great day to share them, since one was an Easter card.  They are so dimensional and detailed, that I wish I could come up with these ideas, myself.  Oh well, I really enjoy getting together with other ladies and crafting together.

 I, for one am making an effort to send out these beautiful cards.  It seems that a lot of people aren't using them, but I really want to send them and hope that someone else enjoys them too!  Oh - and don't forget to check out my good friend, DeAnn's blog Here.  She shares just a ton of beautiful cards and other projects!

My hairy robin - I just haven't gotten the knack for the water coloring technique and it sort of makes me nervous, although to the average person, they probably wouldn't recognize that it is running out of the lines.

This one was really cute, but fragile after it was cut out!
I love that DeAnn uses so many different textures - and in this one, it's a piece of lacy ribbon behind the picture. 

Hope you had a beautiful and special Resurrection Day with your families!