Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Dress Reveal!

  I gave you a glimpse of my Easter dress sewing when I did a tutorial on How to Cut Out a Pattern here.  Here's the reveal of the our Easter dresses.  I actually made two of these, and also a ruffled skirt (which I didn't get good pictures of, so may share that later down the road.)

As you may know, I'm trying to work through my craft stash that seem to be so large I can't over come them.   I had this material in my stash that I had bought about six months go at Walmart.  It had gone on sale for $.50 a yard, so I just couldn't leave it there!  Well, of course, this has been what contributes to my very large craft stash that I have no place for!

I used a great tutorial over at LBG Studio here.  It has two different versions of the pillowcase dress available including a free printable pattern.  I love the free part, because I'm try to keep from spending any money while using up my stash.  Be sure to show the love over there when you visit.  I also used the version of the pattern with making your own bias tape under the arm and making a side bow to tie it.  The only bad thing about that, was that a 1 1/2 year old struggled with not un-tying the bow and getting caught up in it.  But it sure was cute.

I did the contrasting cuff on both pillow case dresses, and even tried some of my fancy stitches out on the hems and the top stitches.  Boy did that make the hemming easier, because I didn't have to worry weather the edges on the hem were getting caught.  The decorative stitches were so wide that they covered a large area of the hem.  No matter what I did, the hem looked great without ripping it out to perfect it!  Of course, now, when I see people using these stitches, I'm going to think they are hiding things.

Of course, I made matching bows for all the girls hair too!  It is a must when overachieving for Easter!  lol  The great thing about the pillowcase dresses, is that it took about an hour to complete each dress!  I literally started on Thursday before Easter and finished on Friday night. 

I remember my Mom making an Easter dress for me and matching shorts for my brothers.  Unfortunately, being the only girl, they were always blue, but really I know it wasn't easy to achieve!  I don't even attempt the boys! Does your Easter tradition include handmade Easter dresses?

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