Monday, June 25, 2012

He's Off!

I finally got my oldest baby off to Japan!  It seems impossible that he is old enough or rather, that I am old enough to have a child that is travelling the world!

Whew!  It sure was chaotic getting him off.  We made all kinds of gifts to send with him, including these Bottle Cap Magnets.  I haven't heard yet if his hosts have enjoyed them, but really I'm just thankful he's there safe and sound and having a great time!

While he was still here, I was sending off cards to him in the mail, so they would arrive the first week.  I didn't want him to miss his Mommy, you know! lol.  (I know, it was really for my benefit, not his, but hey, I'm just doing my best here!)  To sneak off his card, I made cards for his host families to thank them for opening their homes to my son.

 Here's a picture of the two cards for the families.  My son's was similar, but I was afraid he would see the picture before he left.  (He was on to me anyway, so I guess I could have taken the chance.)
I have to say that I love these cards.   Although it is fun to go to elaborate card making classes with another direct sales company, I love the fact that most of the components of these cards are already pre-cut Just Because Card Set.  All I did was used the already cut parts and the new Stamping System to stamp the cute little bird with the Hello and stick them together with some Tape Runner.  Then I added a personal note inside (and attempted some Japanese translating.).  Easy Peasy!

I love how some of the cards are cut to make them interesting.

And of course, who can resist a wonderful pretty envelope to go with it?  I think that Creative Memories went all out to really make this set wonderful!  You'll want to get your Stamping System and Just Because Card Sets now, while supplies last.  

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